Why people choose traditional interiors over ready made assembled interior units ?

ready made assembled interiors

Traditional interior design is just what it sounds like—a classic, warm, comforting, familiar home décor style that is rooted in the traditions of the past without being specific to any single time period. Consider traditional style as a point of departure, rather than an end goal, feeling free to mix in non-traditional elements to create a more personal and memorable space. Almost every homeowner has faced the dilemma of a modular Vs carpenter-made.

modular kitchen vs carpenter made kitchen india


It’s not an easy choice, given that carpenters have always been the go-to people, but factory-made modular designs seem to have a better finish! The sleek construction and layout of the modular kitchen  gives your home a neat look. easy to assemble and reassemble the modules of a modular kitchen. Quality is assured by all the modular kitchen manufacturing units. Storage is never a problem with modular kitchens.


Building a modular kitchen might leave a hole in your pocket, because quality always comes at a price

Maintaining glossy or matte finished cabinets will require some level of effort

Ensure your designer gives you an accurate picture of the actual design

Carpenter made

Carpenters are locally available and more easy to approach

Being an age-old methodthis is more relatable technique

easier to play around with the budget because these carpenters are comparatively more flexible with pricing

can ask for custom options or alterations since carpenters will do all the work in front of you

comparison of modular vs carpenter-made , the former is way better than the latter in terms of quality, finishes and variety. But, carpenter-made  are the clear choice if you can deal with fluctuating costs and the task of dealing with carpenters. Make a wise choice after consulting with a designer and carpenter to get a clearer picture.


Quality and finish is a concern 

you will not have the luxury of getting machine-techniques like edge banding

A particular decor style that’s popular in many Indian homes – would  like to call it the ‘modern-traditional’. This is a style that stems from the homeowners’ love for their roots, mixed with their aspirations to live in chic contemporary spaces. That’s why many Indian homes with a modern layout can be seen dotted with ethnic finds, furniture or prints – a perfect blend of the old and the new, traditional and modern styles

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